“I have read 214 books in the last 11 years. Since 1997, I have read 67 books about personal transformation. Of all those, The 9 Insights of the Wealthy Soul is the most important book I have ever read. No book has changed my life more than this one!”

     — Jim Van Wyck, Bookstore Founder

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My name is Jim Van Wyck. I am the founder of one of Calgary, Canada’s most popular bookstores. I am writing to introduce you to a little known modern classic. There is a simple reason I am so passionate about it.

No book has changed my life more.

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Rosanne Welch, producer of
Touched by an Angel

“SUBLIME . . .
How wisdom can penetrate every niche of life.”

—Larry Dossey, best selling author of
Time, Space & Medicine

The story’s extraordinary power to transform your life is the reason it was featured in the Wall Street Journal. Since then, interviews of author Dr. Michael Norwood have been broadcast on over 300 radio and TV stations worldwide, his story changing the lives of countless people like yourself.

“Dr. Norwood has codified his knowledge
of spirituality and practicality in The Wealthy Soul series.”

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